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2010. Ty 2004 Singaravelu 2009) Some researchers have thrown light on the level of emotional competencies among male and female individuals.  It was found that female possesses high level of self - concept ( Habib 2010 ) proficient in managing and handling emotions ( Pandey Tripathi 2004 ) Contradictory to this it is found that adolescent boys are better on interpersonal , intrapersonal adaptability , stress management and their general mood  than adolescent girls ( Mishra & Ranjan 2008 ).  Tatawadi ( 2009 ) found that females emotionally strong possess higher level of empathy , social responsibility and interpersonal relationships  Culture , subculture and the community are significantly related to Emotional Intelligence which determines the same Mayer and Salovey (1997) suggested that individuals from different culture express emotions differently.

    The developmental facilities available in the community and surroundings of the individuals determine the level of Emotional Intelligence (Duhan. Chhikara, 2007) As an important factor of determining the status of individual in the society, the socio-economic status influences the level of Emotional Intelligence  Mohanty & Devi , L ( 2010 ) in their study revealed that the education and occupation of parents is positively and significantly affect the interpersonal relationship competency of Emotional Intelligence of the adolescents. From the research studies , it is confirmed that the subject the individual studies also influences  the Emotional Intelligence.

    The students from the field of arts found to be possess higher level Emotional Intelligence when compared to science students .  Thus, it is clear that the Emotional Intelligence as a competency has been linked with a number of factors in general and academically also.  There is need to uncover the diversity in the SALDULIAMORA Shyby priyat.

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