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Interdiction in Gibberellin


Gibberellin are second most important growth hormones, found in plants.

It was discovered by Kurosawa (1926).

It was 1st extracted from the ascomycetous fungus Gibberella Fugikurui.

It is the causul organism of “Foalish” seeding of rice or bakanae disease of rice from the fungus.

Macmillan isolated gibberllin from the seed of Phaseolus chigher plants.




Induction of flowing.

Breaking of dormancy.

Prevention of genetic dwarfism.

Increase of amylase activity.

Substrate for chilling effect.




All higher plants process attests one Gibberellins.

A single plant organ can have more than one Gibberellins,There are sofar 70 gibberellins have been discovered (GA1, GA2, GA70).

Gibberllin one in highest in seats and young leaves

(A)          Apical Bud.

(B)          Root Tip

(C)          See



Gibberellins are cyclic diterpenes.

They have molecular formula like C19+246 (GA1) C19H2606 (GA2).

The presence of hydoxyle group and carboxyle group made them esteritied compound.





(A)          General Growth:-

It regulates growth in Sub-epical meristem, they cause growth by cell division & elongation.

(B)             Bolting:-

Gibberellin induce stem elongation in plants with show rosette habit , As result the internides become, 6 to 8 fit tail, This phenomena is called bolting.

     Exmple:- Cabbage, Sugare, beet

[C]     Dormanvy Eagles



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